When I was a little child I was looking forward every morning how I will go to shop with my grandmother. My enjoy didn't result on that account what my grandmother will buy for me but on that, what dog will again sit outside in front of supermarket, to caress him .

I obtain my first dog for my good school certificate in 1982. It was middle black poodle Dixi without pedigree. Dixi was ill from his puppyhood, he had epilepsy and he was choleric and ugly. It was impossible to brush him, wash his pads when he came from outside, simply he didn't suffer any handling. At first he growled but then he bit many times. Anyhow he was living with us 14 years and we loved him.

When Dixi had left us I took a female of German Shepherd and gave her name Megy. Thanks Meggy I met doglovers world and I had opportunity to share experiencies with them. Although Megy is older now we still go to train with dogs and serve as "example" for beginners. Megy shows how to execute commands TO ME!, SIT!, DOWN!, walking underfoot, FETCH! and she tries to gratify me and show others how well she knows it.

During time I started to visit dog trimming courses and more I went in little dogs. I rented salon on veterinary clinic. And while I was thinking more and more about that how to say at home that I'm planning to buy other dog I looked for breed that I would like. I chose compromise. I decided to take little dog near large dog. I knew that I want female and finally I decided for yorkshire terrier.

Because of new puppy Meggy started milk. She thought she has puppy and she wanted her only for her. She defended little Shira and looked after her, she often played with her and when they was being outside in the garden she kept her's eyes on Meggy. The girls are the best friends today and I can't complain that I chose wrong. Meggy became younger beside Shira and they understand each other very well.