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male Geronimo

female Goldie

female Gone Baby Gone

new photos of our puppies:


Goldie with Brenda


The first time out:-)




Our Tara with litter G


Our Tara with litter F


Our "angel" - DIXI

Dixi Dixi Dixi
Dixi Dixi Dixi


Tara gave Christmas "small" present, excellent RIDGI PAD


Good welfare of our dogs is matter of course


home is best...:-)


Winter 2010



Christmas 2009 in "malé potěšení" :-)



Our Tara - To be careful and take care of small dogs. She endeavour....



Brenda, Shira and Kesy
Shira with her daughter Kesy
Our Brenda and Cassiopeia Male poteseni
Megy and her very expressive sight :o)
Christmas 2007 in "Male poteseni kennel"
Brenda and Shira
Brenda with Megy
from left Megy, Shira, Brenda
Brenda and Megy playing
Shira with puppy Brenda
Shira's summer look
Walk with friend Jitka, her daughters Sara and Sandra, Megy, Char and Chira
Christmas 2004 of "Male poteseni"
our "little pleasure"